Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) or ACS(I) is located at Singapore. Some of Indonesian students usually interested to go to ACS(I). Most of the students will go after they finish their education here at Indonesia (3rd year Junior High School). If you get the scholarship, you'll back to the Junior High School there. But, that's worth to it, though. Singapore is a nice place, and you can go from one place to another place using MRT or mono-rail-train. Besides, Singapore is cleaner than Indonesia. The air feels good, and most of all, it's safe. Here in Indonesia, you can't walk alone at night (especially for girls!). But in Singapore, it's not a problem, because it's safe. Singapore also more disciplines than some of school here in Indonesia.
Are you afraid that you can't adjust your life there? Don't worry, there are various programs in place to ensure that scholars will be able to adjust to life in Singapore. These programs also aim to develop scholars to their full potential.

Here are some pictures about ACS(I):

Want to know more? Click here to go to the ACS(I) website.

Slash news:
- Some years ago, I also try to get the scholarship. The tests were Logic tests, Math tests, and English tests. If you're interested to get the scholarships from ACS(I), you should prepare yourself from now on.
- You should study english words that are used in math.
- You should practice writing essay! Don't forget to study new vocabs each day.



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