A Logic Quiz! Try to answer!

"That Sam is one rich man!" muttered Tom. "As a matter of fact, he owns 100 more camels."
"Not a chance," replied John, "I know for a fact he owns fewer than 100 camels."
Frank joined in, "Well, he owns at least one camel."
If only one of their statements is true, how many camels does Sam own?

No camel.
- If statement 1 is true, then statement 3 must be true (at least he has one camel). Then it'd be 2 statements true.
- If statement 3 is true, then statement 1 and 2 must be true.
- So, statement 3 have to be false.
- Then the correct statement is statement 2.
- Why? Remember, zero is fewer than 100, right?
- If Sam has no camels, then statement 2 would be right, and statement 3 would be wrong.
- Done! All the conditions match!



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