Have you ever been bad mood, feeling like to hit something or something or someone? Well, take a deep breath, and do these tips, calming down your mind. It works!

  1. Close your eyes, think about the people you love. Imagine their faces, see their smiles, remind yourself how do these people love you so much.
  2. Smell everything that'll help you to relax, every smell that you like. The smell of vanilla, citrus, cinnamon will naturally make your mood positive.
  3. Find ways to laugh! Find silly or funny movies (such as Mr. Bean, or any movies you like), read comics, play with your pet, or being silly with firends (a friend in need is a friend indeed!).
  4. Listening to music. Find musics that will make you happy, stronger, and feeling like being loved.

Feel free to try these tips! Cheers!



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