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I got this from my trainer, Ken. His post is interesting, and I think this will help you to improve yourself too. I hope you enjoy it.

I suppose that this would be the key question that all human being would ask at least once in their life... For some, maybe this is the only key question they are asking all their life.

To be honest, I don't have the answer either.

What I hope to share is maybe my personal feel and what I experienced over the challenging periods of my life.

I found my answers in a simple phrase. I don't remember where or when I learnt this from. And it goes like this, "Appreciate What You Have, And Not Complain About What You Don't."

For most people, the latter is so much easier to do. Who could blame them? It does feel good that we have people listening to our complaints... And better yet, start a "forum" with them to see who has a better complaint.

I have been through that myself. When my mom was down with her current illness, I complained about life being unfair to a kind lady like her. When my life was in a mess, I complained about why is the world so unfair. When I was down and out, I complained why is it that no one understood me. When I was sick, I complained why I was so unlucky. The list continues.

Well, I must admit, it did feel good to let off all the negativity through complaining. BUT, what I soon noticed is that, the negative feelings usually returns... And sometimes, with more negativity. And I end up, being more unhappy with what's going on in my life.

This, I suppose, is because of the Law of Attraction. Like Attracts Like.

When we complain, what we are actually doing, is not just "releasing" the negative energy. What we fail to notice is that we are also sending out negative energy to the Universe. And the Universe would do what a kind Universe do... Send back more of such energy back at you.

Maybe that's why, people who usually goes through rough patches in their lives, seemingly stays in such rough patches for a long period of time... Until some thing or some one comes and "rescue" them. Sometimes, never.

Thus, while complaining gives you the immediate release of negative energy and the "happy" feeling, it is, in my opinion, definitely not the way to true happiness.

As I have said, through the recent years of challenges, I realized that when I chose to see this from another perspective, things almost always get better...When I chose to appreciate more and give thanks.

Take for example, my mom's medical condition. It is something which is beyond my family and I. Not something which we can control or change. So, I can choose to be upset, and unhappy about it. OR, I can choose to be happy that my mom is still alive and that I still have time to spend with her.

So what if she may not understand what I am saying... She can still hear my voice...
So what if she may not be able to tell me exactly what she wants to say... I can still hear speak...
So what if she may not be able to walk... I can still push her around in a wheelchair to where we want to go...
So what if she may not be able to eat properly on her own... I can take care of her, the way she did when I was younger.

And more importantly, I chose to see the love that my family has for her.

From all these wonderful things that I am already bestowed, what's there to complain about?

Same for other aspects of my life...

Come to think of it... I am already blessed with so much.

This post is copyrighted by my trainer, Ken.
Don't forget, appreciate what you have, don't complain about what you don't!



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