Do you have problems with your English? Always nervous when you speak English, don't know what to say, or maybe have problems in listening? Well, I have some tips for you. I found it and I've tried it by myself. And now, I realized that my English is improved by doing these. So, what should you do to improve your English?

1. Join any forums or social network.
Join social network, such as Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Myspace, and so on. Add friends from other countries. Talk to them, chat with them. Chatting every day will show you many ways to speak (to talk), and later you'll get accustomed to talk with someone. You can also join forums. For example, you like manga or anime. Join manga forums such as: I Eat Soul, 1/2 Prince, and so on. Don't forget to be active on those forums, posts a lot, and reply the others' posts.

Here are the links to some manga forums (Click on the pic to go to the forums):

2. Listening to music.
You like to sing or listening to music? Then it'll be easier for you to do this tips. Find some musics. Try to find a "clear" one (so you can hear the lyrics correctly), and write down what you've heard. At first, just listen to slow songs. As the time goes, try to listen faster songs. That'll improve your listening. After you done your listening, see the right lyrics and check your progress.
By doing this, you'll get at least 3 benefits:
- You will improve your listening skill.
- You can learn new vocabs and know how to say it.
- You can increase your typing speed (if you listen it on computer and type the lyrics).

3. Read comics or novel, and play games!
Why do these activities can improve your English? Because by doing these, you can learn new vocabularies. Having a lot of vocabularies will somehow help you to talk and to listen. And by reading comics or novel, you'll see a lot of sentences. Later on, you can make good sentences because you're accustomed to see good sentences (learn how to write by reading people's writing!).

4. Create a blog.
Create a blog, fill your blog just like you write on your diary. You can posts your daily life or everything (but use English!). This will somehow give you senses to write (like using good dictions) and that'll improve your writing (remember, if you want to study abroad, writing essay is included as a test!).

So, that's all. I hope this post can help you improve your English.

This will works not only for English. You can do the same way to learn other languages! Cheers!



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